Banking Industry Cover Letter

June 27, 2011 admin Banking Cover Letters


Mr Cameroon,

Minister of finance department,



Mr Black,


ICUC bank,


Mr Black,

This letter has been drafted on behalf of finance ministry of the United Kingdom to make you aware of the fact that the interest rates are set to be revised during the October session of the Parliamentary activities. The Finance ministry is keen on getting the feedbacks from all the concerned banks and hence this letter has been drafted to invite feedbacks and amendment requirements in the existing interest rates. The ministry of finance for the country has been in the process for revising the entire interest rates pyramid and now the keen stages are beckoning the involvement from all the major banks in the country.

Kindly send the required information within 14 days. The details necessary for the assessment purpose from the ministry of finance has been enclosed along with this letter. Kindly find the enclosed documents and make sure that the process is culminated within the specified time limits.

Mr Cameroon.