Business Analyst Cover Letter

November 8, 2011 admin Business Cover Letters


Mr. Andrew Gorman

Green Road

North Hampton, NN5 7AL


Mr. Ashton Wells

Human Resource Officer,

The Fast line softwares,

North Hampton.

Dear Mr. wells,

I am writing this letter in response to your job posting on for a business analyst. I believe that my skills and experience is a perfect match for your requirements for the post.

I have been working with the Software Structure Company for 12 years. I have developed a strong analytical thinking that has helped me excelled in the projects I have worked on. I have been responsible for research and development for new products. I have also experience in developing strategies for the company to market their products. I would like to mention that company experience an increase in the sales figure on the projects I have marketed.

I can also handle human resource management, quality control, financial operations and service development. I look forward to the opportunity to speak to you in person about the specific requirements of the job and how my experience will be beneficial for your company.


Mr. Gorman