Business Cover Letters

November 8, 2011 admin Business Cover Letters

Business cover letters fall under the category of formal letters and have a tone quite different from the other letters. The business letters must be tailored perfectly to present a professional look. The business cover letters must be written with a clear objective in mind and should clearly convey your message. One must put forward their points straight. The letters must be precise as the reader of the business letter will surely have hundred other applications to go through. So, anything that wastes his time will not interest him.

The business letter will present you in front of the employer so you must mention briefly about your skills and how they can be beneficial for their organization. Remember business cover letters are informative and not descriptive. The letter can be divided into three paragraphs. In the first paragraph introduce yourself and how you became aware of the vacancy. Limit the paragraph to maximum three lines.

In the second paragraph talk about your skills and mention your educational qualifications, experience in the field, the previous or the current organizations you are associated with and your job profile. In the last paragraph, specify how you can be beneficial for the company and how glad you will be to be a part of it. You can also request for a personal interview and mention if you are available anytime as per their convenience or some specific time. Finally, conclude the letter by thanking the reader for his/her time. The enclosure will contain your resume.

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