Construction Cover Letter Format

May 3, 2012 admin Construction Cover Letters


Name [the name of the letter recipient will come here]

Designation [the designation will come here]

[Name of the company]

Address [Write down the address of the recipient]

Date [here mention the date on which letter is written]

Subject:  [The job post for which the cover letter is written needs to be mentioned here]

Respected Sir/Madam [A proper salutation for the recipient]

First Paragraph [Through this paragraph a sender expresses his purpose of writing the letter. This further extends to specifying the profile of a person and the position of the job post which he/she is seeking for.]

Second Paragraph [This is the main body of the letter which explains applicant’s skills and qualifications that are necessary for the job. You can further give a brief account of your past field of work and various experiences that you have gained from the workplace.]

Third Paragraph [This Para concludes your letter. In this paragraph sender delivers a note of thanks to the recipient for considering his letter and hopes for an opportunity of sitting for an interview for the same.]

Yours sincerely

Name [Name of the sender]