Construction Cover Letter Template

May 3, 2012 admin Construction Cover Letters


Name [here mention the name of the recipient]

Designation [here mention the profile of the recipient]

Company name [here mention the name of the respective firm]

Address [write the address of the recipient]

Date [write the date of sending the letter in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Subject: [Mention the construction related job post for which you wish to apply for]

Respected Sir/ Ma’am

I am writing this letter to express my interest for the position of a construction ___________ [mention the job post you are applying for]. I saw your advertisement in ____________ [mention the source of the advertisement], dated ________ [write the date of the advertisement being advertised] and wish to apply for the same.

I have been employed as ____________ [mention the position you were given at you previous workplace] at ___________ [write the name of the company] for __________ years [mention your previous employment duration]. My experience there has taught me ____________ and ________ [specify your skills and credentials] and I promise to bring excellence to your company.

I would be really thankful to you if you give me an opportunity to sit for an interview with you.



Name [Sender’s name]