Consultant Cover Letter Format

May 3, 2012 admin Consultant Cover Letters


Name [here mention the name of the recipient]

Designation [here mention the designation]

[Name of the company]

Address [Write down the address of the recipient]

Date [Date on which letter is written]

Subject:  [here mention the job post for which you wish to apply]

Respected Sir/Madam [mention proper salutation]

First Paragraph [This paragraph holds a reason for writing the letter. This is used by the sender to express his/her interest in the job opening and extends to specify the source of the job advertised.]

Second paragraph [This paragraph is the main part of the letter. A sender has to express his/her skills, educational background and the details of past experiences.  Through this paragraph you can state your expertise of being a consultant]

Third Paragraph [Through this Para a sender concludes his/her letter with thanks for giving an opportunity for the job post. This paragraph mentions a request to the recruiter to hold an interview for further processing.]

Yours sincerely

Name [here the name of the sender needs to be mentioned]

Address [Address of the sender]