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May 3, 2012 admin Consultant Cover Letters

In today’s world of stiff competition, no job application is considered complete sans a cover letter. Thus, if one intends to launch oneself as a consultant, one need to draft an effective consultant cover letter to justify one’s candidacy claims before the potential recruiters. A consultant cover letter is therefore a form of self-endorsement wherein one gets to articulate the role one envisages as a consultant and conveys one’s beliefs, strategies and philosophies to the prospective employers.

Since the consultant cover letter has almost become an integral part of one’s application and serve as an important tool in promoting one’s case, a certain amount of thought and attention must go into drafting one such cover letter. The following pointers may serve as a helpful guideline in documenting them:

  • The format of the cover letter must be professional and formal in accordance with the standards of the contemporary corporate practices.
  • The subject must be well worded so that it reflects the central idea of the letter with minimal usage of words.
  • The letter must highlight the champion points of one’s resume. The content must be brief and straight-forward. No irrelevant information must be entertained as that may weaken the central thrust of the letter and give rise to uncalled for questions at the interview.
  • The language used must be easily comprehensible and readable. Meandering sentences should be strictly avoided.
  • The salutations must be carefully chosen and the letter must exhibit a smooth cadence and must be perfectly organized.

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