Designer Cover Letter Format

June 25, 2012 admin Designer Cover Letters


Name of the recipient

Designation of the recipient

Name of the organization of the recipient

Address of the recipient

Dated: ________________ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: __________________ [inform that you are want to work as a designer]

Respected Mr. /Mrs. [mention the last name of the recipient along with proper salutation before it],

First paragraph: In the first paragraph mention the purpose of writing the letter, that is you are keen on joining in the position of a designer.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph, mention details about yourself . Inform that you have pursued a certain course in designing and the name of the institute from where you pursued it . Also mention your previous work experience with name of the organization, your designation and the job functions. It is necessary to mention that why you feel that the company should give you a chance as a designer.   Mention your skills and abilities.

Third paragraph: In the last paragraph mention that you will be thankful if they consider you for the position and arrange for a further meeting. Mention the list of documents and resume that you are enclosing along with the cover letter.


Name of the sender

Contact details of the sender.