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June 25, 2012 admin Designer Cover Letters

A cover letter serves as a person or a company’s introduction to a prospective employer or patron promoting one’s candidacy claims for a particular job or project. It is what helps one cement a positive first impression in the minds of the concerned authorities.

Designer cover letters are created for designer professionals to promote their career interests before their potential recruiters. Depending on the field of specialization of the clientele it serves, designer cover letters can be of various types like graphic designer cover letters, fashion designer cover letters, interior designer cover letters, web designer cover letters, so on and so forth. It is generally attached to one’s resume or curriculum vitae and briefs the interviewers about the career summary and interests of the candidate.

Following are a few tips that may aid in successful documentation of designer cover letters:

  • The cover letter must endorse the client’s interests in designing and provide a brief outline about one’s career in design.
  • The designer cover letter must complement one’s resume or CV instead of duplicating it. It should merely be an interpretation of the information provided in the resume.
  • The tone of the letter should not be arrogant and self-propagandizing. The aim should be to subtly highlight one’s achievements and influence the authorities’ reading of one’s candidacy claims.

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