Director Cover Letter Examples

June 25, 2012 admin Director Cover Letters


Oscar Blaze

Chief Executive Officer

Warner Brothers Pictures

23 Net Green Road

South Wales, UK 3289

Dated: 14th of June 2012

Subject: Cover letter for director

Respected Mr. Blaze,

This is in regards to your requirement for a director in order to direct various productions for your organization. I am interested in being a part of your organization in that position.

I am a professional director specializing in directing ad films, corporate videos and documentary films. I started my career as an assistant director and have assisted reputed ad film makers from whom I have learnt a lot. Later I moved on to directing projects myself. Since last three years I have been working as a freelancer. I can assure you that with my total experience of five years in this industry I can deliver quality work and at the same time ensure that the production cost is maintained.

I believe that by being associated with a reputed organization like yours will be a benefit for my career as I will get to be a part of important projects. I would request you to arrange for an interview next week so that I can give you a presentation of my show reel. Please find my work certificates enclosed with this cover letter.


Martin Spielberg