Education Director Cover Letter

June 27, 2011 admin Education Cover Letters


Mr Colin Creevey,

Education Director,

HDMS High School,



The teaching staff,

HDMS High School,


Dear teachers,

I, Mr Colin Creevey, the education director of the HDMS high school, am writing this letter to make you all aware of the fact that the working hours of the teaching staff have been amended considering the need of the time. Now, with effect from the 1st of July, 2010; all the teaching staff will have to work for an extended hour in the evening until the next time considerations. Considering the concerns for all the teaching staff, the second and the fourth Saturdays of the month shall be holidays for all the teaching staff.

I am hopeful that the teachers will comply with the obligatory rule and timing change. Any suggestion in this regard and any grievance in this regard shall be discussed in the meeting on 14 June, 2010. I am hopeful that the teachers shall deliver their best as they have been doing so far. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Colin Creevey