Education Technologist Cover Letter

March 22, 2013 admin Education Cover Letters


Andrew Wills

Hiring Manager, Education Department

Success High School



10TH February 2013

Subject: Education technologist cover letter

Respected Sir,

Please consider my letter of interest as I am writing to apply for the job post of an educational technologist at your school. I was made aware about the job vacancy from Mr. Symonds Paul, working as a Physics Lecturer at your renowned school. I have been employed as a teaching and learning technologist for more than 10 years. I am sure that my skills, knowledge and proficiencies in this field would help me earn this respectable position.

I am skilled to work in close collaboration with the faculty members of the schools and colleges to know the needs and requirements of an educational institute. I provide finest learning tools, equipments, and related educational apparatus to ensure that the school is updated with the latest education technologies. I am well updated with various software, programs, and other technological tools that are needed to be installed in schools and colleges.

At the job post of an education technologist I would make sure that my school is equipped with developing audio visual learning objects, finest communication technologies, training and tutorials etc. I am submitting a copy of my resume for your kind referral. I can be available from Monday to Thursday for the interview proceedings.

Thanking you.


Martin Cuba