Education Technology Cover Letter

March 12, 2013 admin Education Cover Letters


Mr. Harry Jackson

Principal, Sunrise School

567, Edward Lane

South Campus



Date: 17th January, 2013

Sub: Education Technology details

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I am Michael Thomas and writing this letter on behalf of “ABC Education Technology Limited” in order to let you know about our latest developments in the field of education technology. To brief you about us, we are a technology company working in the field of education for the last 10 years. We provide various software, tools, visual aids programs and other services that make education more interesting. We have been associated with various reputed schools like Montfort, St. Xavier’s, St. Anthony’s and many others.

We know that Sunrise school is a reputed educational institution in the area and believes in providing best and latest in the education to its students. We are sure that with our products and services your students will experience education in an interactive and interesting manner. We also have products and tools for the children who have special needs and requirements.

We are herewith enclosing a document which provides you details about our company, its products, services, software and list of schools where our services are being used. Please let us know if any other information is needed from our side.

Looking forward for your positive response.


Michael Thomas

ABC Education Technology Limited