Employment Consultant Cover Letter

November 8, 2011 admin HR Cover Letters


Ms. Madeleine Curran

Huddleston Road, Holloway

London, N7 1EH


Ms. Mary Atkins

Human Resource Officer,

Best Clothes, Inc.


Dear Ms. Atkins,

This is in reference to the advertisement in The London Times, pertaining to your advertisement for the position of Employment consultant in your organization to serve a small Personnel Department. I wish to apply for the position as I am confident that with my qualifications and experience I am a suitable candidate for the post.

I have been working in this field for the last six years. I have been associated with Gerry Traders for the last three years. I have been a significant contribution to the growth of their company. I keep myself updates with the latest trends of employments, career specifics and if a specific career is suitable or not and what are the requirements for a specific position. I am able to deliver the best with the help of my communication skills.

I would like to meet you personally and discuss the position further. You can contact me on my personal number. Thank you for considering me for the post.


Ms. Curran