Environmental Consultant Cover Letter

October 26, 2012 admin Consultant Cover Letters


Ms. Brittany Huffman

Co- Director

Gilbert & Huffman Developers Ltd.

Birmingham, UK

Date: 27th January 2011

Subject: Cover letter application for environmental consultant.

Respected Ms. Huffman

My name is Judith Harrow, and I am writing this letter in regard to the recruitment of the environmental consultant position at Gilbert & Huffman Developers Ltd. I would like to have the honor be a part of this esteemed organization by applying for this position. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter.

My educational qualifications include a bachelor degree from City University College in environmental law. I also have completed a master’s degree in the field of environmental management from the Liverpool University. I have gathered prior work experience through my association with the Mercury Halen Group. I worked there at the position of a senior environmental consultant for a period of 2 years 3 months from 2008- 2011.

I assure you that I will work to the best of my abilities. It will be a great honor and privilege to be a part of the organization. I hope that the organization will consider my qualifications and experience in consideration for the position. Waiting on hearing about the recruitment status.

With best regards,

Judith Harrow

Birmingham, United Kingdom