General purpose of a Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Cover Letters UK

A cover letter is a formal document that is used by an individual to accompany the resume or application letter. This letter must be used by application to complement the resume or CV and the details given in the resume must not be copied and pasted in it. A cover letter must be drafted by following a formal format of letter writing and should be able to talk about the skills, qualifications and experience of the individual who is writing it. Cover letters are really important for applicants and can make or break it for them as far as their selection process is concerned. Given below is an overview of the general purpose of a cover letter.

  • A cover letter is useful for defining the career goal of the individual and the reason why he/she has applied for the particular job position. The applicant must link his/her career objective with that reason to make a cover letter effective.
  • A cover letter is written because through it an applicant can state the reasons that make him/her unique and suitable for the applied job position. Unlike the resume, a cover letter can be used to showcase the writing abilities of the applicant and be utilized to convince the recruiter.
  • A cover letter fulfils the purpose of letting the employer know that the applicant is eager to be hired and to showcase the determination he/she possessed as far as the job is concerned.
  • Any cover letter forms a better means of communication between the recruiter and the applicant than a resume or an application form.
  • The purpose of a cover letter is to be able to talk about the work experience possessed by the applicant and express the strong qualities that the applicant has acquired through the experience.