Graduate Application Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Application Cover Letters


Ronald Harry


University of Psychology


6th September 2012

Subject: Application for the graduation degree

Respected Mr. Harry,

I am submitting this letter to apply for the Bachelors degree in Psychology from The University of Psychology. After attaining my high school degree in Psychology and medicines in May 2012, I have thought of advancing with my graduation from your institute. Please find the enclosed resume along with this letter which will detail you about my expertise, skills and talents.

During my initial years of high school, I have been equipped with child care and parental counselling. I was an active member of various psychology training programs that were being organised in and out of the country. It was since my schooling time when I had this interest in psychology studies, counselling sessions and psychoanalysis. I want to pursue my bachelor’s degree from your esteemed university because of the successful research programs and practical works that you provide to your students. I want to be called as a most distinguished psychological graduate.

I assure you that I will study with full dedication throughout my graduation at your university. Please welcome me with an opportunity to be admitted at your institute. I look forward for an early response from you.

Thanking you!


Jenny Walt