Grant Application Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Application Cover Letters


Smith Jones

General Manager

Health and Wealth foundation


8th September 2012

Subject: Grant application cover letter

Respected Mr. Smith,

I am Johnny Smith, Manager of The sunshine Childcare Hub. We run an organisation wherein we indulge in activities such as childcare, nutrition and child education. Through this letter, The Sunshine Childcare hub is respectfully requesting you to give a grant of $25,000 for the education and development programs of its children. We are writing to request for the grant because we want to improve the standards of living of the children who are residing at our centre and in and around Buckingham.

The grant amount will be used for the children in the age groups from 1 to 3 years so that they receive basic amenities and healthcare. By the grant that you may provide, we would be successful in attaining our goal to have maximum healthy children within the country.

We at Sunshine Childcare hub have the history to deliver successful child health care services. We therefore request for the grant. Your grant would be helpful for us to improve the well being of the children of Buckingham. We are hoping for a positive response from your side. We are herewith enclosing a document which lists down the activities that we have undertaken for the welfare of the children.

Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.


Johnny Watson


The Sunshine Childcare Hub