Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Cover Letters UK

Every job application is incomplete without a good cover letter accompanying it. A cover letter is a formal document which is used by an applicant to tell the employer about his/her suitability for the job and the reasons why he/she should be selected over the other applicants. These letters are important for every applicant and must be framed carefully and with utmost precision. A good cover letter can help an individual to be selected and a poorly framed one can be the reason for being turned down. Hence one must keep in mind certain points which can lead to framing of a correct cover letter. The following points shall be helpful for you.

  • Address the cover letter to the person who shall be hiring you and hold the last decision of hiring. Mention his job designation in the company as well.
  • Try and customize and personalize your letter for maximum effect. This means that you should not copy the language from any other source and come up with you own.
  • It is important for a cover letter to be different from the resume. It should be able to highlight the resume in a better light but should be unique and impressive. For this, try to talk more about the personality attributes, skills and work experience details.
  • A good cover letter is one which does not have complicated language and is simple and to the point. Irrelevant details often ruin the effort and one must try and stay away from difficult words.
  • Being honest is also quite important. Do not mention anything which cannot be backed by proof and try to be open about the areas which you need to work upon. But being honest beyond a limit may also not be the right way to go.