High School Secretary Cover Letter

November 1, 2012 admin Education Cover Letters


Mr. Henry Callus

Head Administrator

St. James Cameron High School

1398, Victor Plaza Street,


Date: 20th January 2011

Subject: Application for the high school secretary position.

Dear Mr. Henry Callus

My name is Ms. Halen Carlson, and I have gathered quite some experience working as a secretary. I am writing this letter to apply for the secretary position vacant at the St. James Cameron High School. I believe my educational qualifications and experience in this stream make me fit for the said position.

I hold a bachelor degree in communications from the South Carmon University College, Birmingham, United Kingdom.  After completing graduation I had the opportunity of working as the secretary to the vice principal at Shalom High School, London. I worked there for a period of 1 and half year from mid-2005- 2007. I then had the opportunity to work as the secretary to the head administrator of the South Holy High School, London. In the interim I have also been able to develop a set of organizational and communication skills.

I am hereby enclosing my resume with this cover letter. I hope my application will be considered and that I will be informed about the decision regarding this position.

With regards

Ms. Halen Carlson