How to start a Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Cover Letters UK

A cover letter is a formal document that is written or drafted by those individuals who are applying for a job position in a company or an organization. A cover letter is attached or enclosed along with the application letter and resume of the applicant and is used to talk about the various skills and qualifications that are possessed by him/her. A cover letter must be written down or framed by following a formal format of letter writing and must be effective in conveying all the important details about the applicant to the employer or recipient of the letter. To frame a good cover letter, one must especially concentrate on getting its starting right or correct. A good letter well begun is half done. So if you are looking for ways to start your own cover letter, then the following points shall be useful for you.

  • A cover letter must be started off by writing the name, address, designation and company name of the recipient. These must be written on the top left corner of the letter.
  • This should be followed by writing the current date of letter writing which must be done in dd/mm/yy format.
  • A good cover letter must have a formal salutation which includes words like ‘respected sir’, ‘respected ma’am’ etc.
  • The formal or opening salutation must be followed by the subject line of the letter. The subject must consist of the reason for writing the letter and should also mention the job position for which the candidate is applying to.
  • The body of the letter must start by giving a brief introduction about the sender or applicant. This should be done in a subtle way.
  • After this, within the first paragraph, the reason for writing the letter should be mentioned. Follow the rest of the letter by giving other necessary details.