Importance of writing a Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Cover Letters UK

A cover letter is one of the most important documents that an applicant writes to a recruiter and is one of the most effective ones to convey the skills, qualifications and experience that the applicant possesses. A cover letter is a document which is used by aspiring employees to tell the recruiters that they are suited for the job and state the reasons which make them suitable. These letters are usually sent along with the curriculum vitae of the applicants and are quite important and useful for both the sender and the receiver. Without a cover letter, the job request or application is not very effective. The following few points shall explain to you in detail the importance of writing a cover letter.

  • A cover letter forms an important link between the reason for applying for a job position and the career goal of the applicant. These letters act as a medium through which the applicant can back his/her application and state why he/she is suitable for the job.
  • One of the main importance of writing a cover letter is to effectively talk about various qualifications and skills possessed by the applicant. In a resume, one has to be brief and precise but a cover letter is a medium which gives the applicants an opportunity to express themselves easily.
  • A cover letter is an important way through which the applicant can discuss his/her work experience details with the recruiter.  One can also state the things that he/she has learnt or acquired by working at the previous work organizations.
  • One of the other importances of writing a cover letter is to let the recruiter peek into the writing abilities of the sender and also judge the grammatical skills, vocabulary, communication abilities and ability to put details into the right words etc.