IT Cover Letter Format

March 7, 2012 admin IT Cover Letters


Name [Name of the recipient]

Designation [Designation]

[Name of the company]

Address [Write down the address of the recipient]

Date [Date on which letter is written]

Subject:  [A precise and well framed subject for the letter is written]

Respected Sir/Madam [A proper salutation for the recipient]

First paragraph: [The first paragraph of the letter is used by a sender to explain the reason for writing a letter and extends to include the details from where you the information about the job position]

Second paragraph: [This is confined to hold the body of the letter explaining your previous job experiences, if any. This paragraph also includes your technical skills related to It sector and a mention of your strong and weak points]

Third Paragraph: [This is a concluding paragraph of the letter along with a general note of thanks. The paragraph seeks a request from a recruiter to hold an interview. ]

Yours sincerely

Name [Name of the sender]

Address [Address of the sender]