Market Research Cover Letter

June 7, 2012 admin Research Cover Letters


Glen Lane

Marketing Department Head

Raw Materials Manufacturer Limited

45 Universal High Street

Colorado, San Francisco 4290

Dated: 1st of May 2012

Subject: Cover letter for market research

Respected Mr. Lane,

This is to bring to your notice that I would like to conduct a market research for the self-help book that I am writing by the title “Marketing that sells”. In order to complete the book I need to do this research.

It is necessary that I get all the facts right in my book so that it can benefit the readers. For my research I will have to observe the operation process of the marketing department of your organization. It is necessary that I have your approval to go ahead with the research.

It would be great if we could meet and discuss in details about my research. I am enclosing my research plan along with cover letter.

Thanking you,

Brett Lee