Medical Cover Letter Format

February 29, 2012 admin Medical Cover Letters


Name:[write down the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed]

Designation: [write down the designation or job position of the recipient]

Address [write down the name and address of the hospital or medical centre]

Date [write the date on which the cover letter is to be sent]

Subject: [write a precise subject which mentions the name of the medical job position for which the sender is applying]

Respected ________________ [write a proper salutation]

First paragraph: [The first paragraph of the cover letter must be reserved for giving down the reasons or purpose of the letter. This part must form the main body of the letter stating why the candidate is suitable for the given job position]

Second paragraph: [The second paragraph can be used to mention the experience details of the candidate and should also mention as to why the candidate will prove to be an apt choice for the position]

Third paragraph: [In the last concluding paragraph, the sender must thank the receiver and must mention that he/she is enclosing his/her CV and wish to have the positive reply.]

Yours sincerely

Name [write the name and signature of the sender]