Medical Research Cover Letter

June 7, 2012 admin Research Cover Letters


Nick Carter

Research Board Head

Oliver Institute of Medical Research

37 York Shire Road

London, United Kingdom 5665

Dated: 7th of May 2012

Subject: Cover letter for medical research

Respected Mr. Carter,

I would like to present the medical research done by me on the subject Human Genetics. I am pursuing medical science from London Medical University.

I have studied the various aspects of human genetics while conducting this research. There are some strange facts that we are unaware of. I have included those facts in my research. I have also mentioned the possible diseases that can be present in similar genes. In the research there is focus on the advantages and disadvantages of human genetics and how it is formed.

In my research I have given attention to all the detail and I believe that it will benefit your organization. I am enclosing my medical research along with the cover letter.


John Mayo