Nurse Cover Letter Template

March 7, 2012 admin Nurse Cover Letters


_____________ [here write the name of the recipient]

_____________ [write the position of the recipient]

____________ [write the name of the hospital/medical centre where you wish to apply]

____________ [write the address of the medical centre/hospital]

dd/mm/yyyy [write the date of sending the letter]

Subject: [write down an appropriate subject for the letter]

Respected Sir/ Ma’am

I ___________, [sender’s name] am responding to an advertisement which I came across in ________ [source of the job announcement] dated ________ [write the date on which the advertisement was published] regarding the post of ________ [the applied job post].

I completely realise the job responsibilities associated with this profile and promise to deliver justice to my patients. I am ________ [provide the educational qualifications] and skilled with ________ [mention sender’s qualities] and have a working experience at ___________ [name of sender’s previous workplace].

Please find my resume enclosed with this cover letter for your perusal.

Thanking you!

Name [Name of the sender]

Address [sender’s address]