Nursing Cover Letters

March 7, 2012 admin Nurse Cover Letters

A nursing cover letter is a letter which is attached along with a curriculum vitae or resume of a person who is interested in a job in the field of nursing. Nursing cover letters are like introductory letters to resumes which are used to throw light on the sender’s qualifications, skills and interest in the particular nursing job. There are many different types of nursing cover letters depending upon the different job positions. The following are a few:

  • Senior nurse cover letter
  • Nurse practitioner cover letter
  • Assisting nurse cover letter


Any nursing cover letter must be a formal letter which must be written by following a certain and standard format. The following points shall help to explain the manner in which a nursing cover letter must be written or drafted:

  • One must start the letter from the top left corner where the name and address of the recipient must be mentioned.
  • This should be followed by a formal salutation and the subject line comprising of the title of the job to which the sender is applying.
  • The body of the letter with its closing and starting lines must be carefully chosen and written focussing on the details of the sender’s skills and qualifications. A brief paragraph about the work experience details can also be given.
  • Signature of the sender at the end is also important.

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