Real Estate Sales Cover Letter

January 12, 2015 admin Sales Cover Letters

The real estate sales cover letter refers to any cover letter used by an individual who is applying for a sales position in the real estate industry.  The cover letter is the way for the applicant to communicate with the prospective employer and put to display the best of his/ her traits which make him/ her most suitable choice for the stated position.

The cover letter is a formal document and hence be prepared as per a proper format. The sample of the real estate sales cover letter given below depicts the format and other aspects of how to frame a suitable cover letter.

Sample Real Estate Sales Cover Letter


Mr. Justin Blackstone

Senior Manager

Alpha Realtors Pvt. Ltd.

London, UK.

28th January 2014

Subject: Application for the real estate sales position- cover.

Respected Mr. Justin Blackstone

I, Kenny, am writing this letter as a cover to my application for the real estate sales position dated 28th of January 2014. The job opening was published on the company’s official website and called for all suitable candidates to apply to the earliest.

As per the brief provided, I believe I am perfectly suitable for the position. The details of my educational qualifications and my prior work experience are detailed in the resume enclosed with this letter. Also enclosed are the copies of all of my other relevant documents which may be required for adjudging my suitability. My skill set includes brilliant managerial and organisation skills, great interpersonal skills, good communication and planning skills. The communication skills and understanding abilities I have developed in the past years help me deliver as one of the best in the sales position.

Lastly, I would like to say that if given the privilege to be associated with such a huge business name, I will do everything in my power to make it brighter.


Mr. Kenny Crane