Rental Application Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Application Cover Letters


George Clark

House No. 98, Main Park Street

Lavender Block

New York

7th September 2012

Subject: Rental application cover letter

Dear Mr. George,

I am writing this letter to apply for the tenancy at your building, situated at Florida Street. I have been informed about its vacancy by a friend of mine and I am writing to apply for the same. As an identification proof, I am submitting my ID card and a reference of the person with whom I rented my previous home.

I along with my wife was staying at Green Street and had a contract with our landlord for 5 years which has been expired. We are in a need of a house and so I am writing this rental application letter. I visited your building with a friend of mine, who introduced me to its vacancy. I was happy and glad to see the facilities and the location at which your property has been built. Our stay at your place would be best suited to us both in terms of requirement and rent.

I assure you of the timely delivery of the rent. I hope that you will consider my request to rent your place to me. If you have any queries regarding my identification or any other information, you can please free to call me on my number 098-8789-788.

Thanking you!


Ben Roy