Research Cover Letter Template

June 7, 2012 admin Research Cover Letters


___________ [Name of the recipient]

____________ [Designation of the recipient]

____________ [Name of the organization]

_______________ [Office address of the organization]

Dated: ______________ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: _________ [the reason for writing the letter]

Respected Mr./Mrs. ______________ [last name of the recipient],

This is to bring to your notice that I, __________________ [name of the sender] would like to conduct a research in your organization in order to __________________________ [mention the topic on which the research will be done].

I would _____________________________________ [mention in details how the individual wants to go ahead with the research]. It will be used for ___________________________ [mention the purpose for which the research is being done

I would be grateful if you consider my request and allow me to go ahead with the research. I am enclosing _________________________ [mention the documents that the sender is enclosing] along with this cover letter.


_______________ [Name of the sender]



Research Cover Letters