Sales Cover Letter Template

June 7, 2012 admin Sales Cover Letters


___________ [Name of the recipient]

____________ [Designation of the recipient]

____________ [Name of the organization]

_______________ [Office address of the organization]

Dated: ______________ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: _________ [mention the reason for writing the letter]

Respected Mr. /Mrs. ______________ [last name of the recipient],

This is to bring to your notice that we at _______________ [name of the sender organization] supply ________________ [type of products that you want to sell] to ______________ [type of companies to whom the product is sold]. We would be interested to sell our products to your organization.

We have been manufacturing ___________ [product type] for _____________ [type of industry] since ___________ [number of years or months]. I can assure you that our products ____________ [mention the strong points of the product].

I request you to give us a chance. I am enclosing __________________ [name of the documents] along with the cover letter.


[Name of the sender]

[Designation of the sender]

[Name of the organization]