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June 7, 2012 admin Sales Cover Letters

A sales cover letter basically acts as a preface to one’s resume and intends to introduce the candidate to prospective recruiters. In a competitive job sector like sales, it is the efficacy of a cover letter that has the power to make or break one’s prospects in the recruitment process. The content of the letter should center on one’s potentialities, work skills, job experience and technical skills that may strengthen one’s competency claim for the sought job. It should also display the candidate’s knowledge about the concerned company and his eagerness to get the job. The letter must also include subtle hints about one’s expectations and aspirations from the job and where one foresees oneself a few years down the line in the company’s radar.

Since a sales cover letter is supposed to promote one’s career interests and competence to potential employers, there always lies a danger of overdoing things by virtue of one’s emotions and over-enthusiasm. Here are a few tips that may make the job easier:

  • The cover letter must be assertive but not obnoxious. It must be innovative but not arrogant.
  • The information, credentials and references provided must be relevant and to the point.
  • The letter must evoke clarity and endorse the clear-sightedness of the composer.

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