Sample Research Cover Letter

June 7, 2012 admin Research Cover Letters


Rick Martin

Managing Director

ASO Medical Organization

34 Inn Keep Drive

Iowa, San Francisco 8967

Dated: 1st of May 2012

Subject: Cover letter for research

Respected Mr. Martin,

This is to bring to your notice that I, on behalf of Molecular Biotech Limited would like to conduct a research in your organization in order to check the composition that you put in your medicines and also the process that you follow.

We are an organization given responsibility by the Government to conduct similar research in all medical organizations. We will be sending a team of three researchers to your organization. They will be following the work process at the factory

I would be grateful if you consider this matter. I am enclosing a copy of our company profile and permission given by the government along with the cover letter.

Thanking you,

Smith Jones

Research Department Head

Molecular Biotech Limited

34 York Side Lane

New York, New Jersey 2345