Special Education Cover Letter

June 27, 2011 admin Education Cover Letters


Mr Lewis,

H-2, Bakers Archway,



The principal,

St. Stephen High School,


Dear sir/ madam,

I, Mr Lewis Longbottom, am writing this letter in the view of securing admission for my child Neville Longbottom. My child unfortunately falls under the handicapped category and hence he cannot undergo the usual way of getting into a high school. But, I would like to elucidate this fact that Neville has been an excellent academic student so far. The details regarding the performance of my child have been enclosed along with this letter; kindly find them. Besides the regular academic studies, Neville is also an avid art lover and excels in both singing and painting.

The enclosure shall also bring out the accomplishments in singing and painting by Neville. Also, Neville enjoys a good health and can help himself without any requirement from others. I am hopeful that the esteemed educational institution of yours shall provide the admission to my child, Neville. I am hoping for a quick and favourable response.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Lewis Longbottom.