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July 11, 2012 admin Student Cover Letters

Student cover letters are used for various purposes. This can be written for purposes such as for scholarship, for admissions into an institution, for internships and also as part of a resume.  The contents of such a letter deals with the qualifications of the student concerned as well as the specific purpose for which it is being written. This is why no matter the reason; the letter needs to maintain a formal tone. The student should not just state the academic achievements but also qualities that are relevant to the purpose of the letter. Thus, the student cover letter needs to be constructed keeping the following points in mind:

  • The cover letter needs to have a distinct format. There are specific formats for professional letters. It is important to follow it uniformly. This ensures a goof impression.
  • The content of this letter is important. List the required information only relevant to the purpose. It is better to be brief than contain too much jargon within the letter.
  • The information provided in the letter must be cross checked before submission. Sometimes this is cross-checked and it is important to be accurate and not have errors or false information in the letter.

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