Technology Teacher Cover Letter

January 6, 2015 admin Teacher Cover Letters

A technology teacher is one who teaches any technology related subject in a school or any other institution. When an individual applies to any such teaching position he/ she needs to provide the respective institution with an appropriate cover letter along with the application and documents. This cover letter is referred to as the technology teacher cover letter. These types of letters must showcase the skills, qualifications and experience of the candidate in an impressive manner. Below given is a sample letter.

Sample Technology Teacher Cover Letter


Mr. Henry Roomer

Dean, Gabon Harry Private Institution

Huddle Street, Holloway

London, UK.

29th January 2014

Subject: Cover to the application for the technology teacher job position.

Respected Mr. Roomer

My name is Samantha Lloyd, and I am writing this letter to support my application for the technology teacher position at the institution. The advertisement for the job opening called for a teacher to teach the advanced technology at the institution.

I would like to apply for the said position as I believe in my eligibility and suitability for the position given my qualifications and experience. I have completed graduate studies in technology from reputable institution and am very passionate about imparting knowledge to all the curious minds. My passion for teaching has led me to develop a career of teaching for the past 6 years as a state certified teacher. I am very good with individuals of all age groups and am very flexible in my teaching methods. I have a good understanding of how different individuals learn and am hence capable of helping all students achieve best results they can.

My latest resume is herewith enclosed with this letter for your reference. Will wait for a positive reply from your side. Let me know if any other information is needed from my side.


Mrs. Samantha Lloyd