Three tips for writing a good cover letter

November 14, 2012 admin Cover Letters UK

A cover letter is a formal document which is used by an individual to apply for a particular job position in a company or an organization. These documents are a way of telling the employer that the candidate is suitable for the job position and the reasons for the suitability of the candidate are also mentioned in cover letters.

A cover letter is addressed to the concerned official of the organization who is responsible for hiring the applicants and consists of details like academic qualifications, work experience, skills, credentials etc. To write a good cover letter, there are certain points which must be kept in mind. If you want to draft a perfect cover letter for yourself, then the following three tips will be really useful for you.

  • In order to come up with a good and well formulated cover letter, one must keep in mind that the tone of the letter should be formal and not personal or casual. Since these letters are addressed to senior officials who are responsible for hiring, the format should be formal and impersonal. A cover letter must have a formal salutation and a formal subject as well.
  • A good cover letter is one which states the reason why the candidate or applicant is suitable for the job position to which he/she has applied. The applicant must write about his skills, academical qualifications and the work experience that he/she possesses. But all these details must be mentioned in brief and not in a very detailed way because the cover letter must be different from the resume or CV of the applicant.
  • A cover letter must have the name of the exact job position to which the candidate is applying. This is important because the recipient must have a clear idea about the application category.