Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

September 24, 2012 admin Cover Letters UK

A cover letter is an important document that is sent by an applicant to a recruiter. These letters are used by individuals to let the employers know about the various skills and qualifications that they possess. A cover letter is a medium through which one can put his/her strong qualities into perspective and let the employer decide whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job position or not. Since a cover letter is a formal document, it has to be framed carefully by paying attention to each little detail. If you wish to come up with a perfect cover letter, then the following tips and suggestions shall be very useful and beneficial for you.

  • Formatting your cover letter is really important for it to be good and impressive. Formatting includes presentation and content, both. Hence it is important for the cover letter to have a well laid down format which is technically correct and also have quality content.
  • Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors must not be made in cover letters. One must reread and check the letter after writing it to ensure that it is free from any mistakes and is readable.
  • Personalizing your letter is quite important for it to have a positive impact on the recipient. Try and address the letter to the person who is responsible for hiring and be honest and direct rather than decorating your letter with irrelevant niceties.
  • A cover letter which is an exact detailed version of the resume is often not considered good. One must try and complement the resume though the cover letter and not copy it.
  • It is important to get to the point rather than circling around irrelevant details. So be simple and very clear and crisp and for sure you will have a perfect cover letter drafted.