Examples of good cover letters

What are some examples of cover letters?

A cover letter is a formal document which is written and sent by a person who is applying for a particular job position in a company or an organization. These types of letters are also used to apply for internships, training programs, educational courses etc too. But any cover letter is meant to give details related to skills, academic qualifications, work experience etc of the applicant to the employer or recruiter.

Cover letters are often sent across with resumes or cover letters of the applicants and are considered very important in the employment process or procedure. There are many examples of cover letters which are categorized on the basis of the kind of position for which the applicant is applying for. Refer to the following points to understand about different examples of cover letters.

  • Cover letter for a job

A cover letter which is used to apply for a job position is called as a cover letter for a job. These cover letters are sent to employers or recruiters and consist of all those details which make the applicant suitable for the job. Such cover letters talk about the strengths, capabilities, previous work experience details and academic qualifications of the applicant.

  • Cover letter for a course

In the case when an individual wants to apply for an educational course or any other coursework, the cover letter written is known as a cover letter for a course. These cover letters mainly give details of the kind of educational background the candidate has and the reasons why he/she wants to pursue the particular course.

  • Cover letter for an internship/training

A cover letter that is used by people to apply for internships or training programs consist of all those details that make them fit for the duties and responsibilities which come along. These cover letters are also attached with the CVs or resumes of applicants.

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