The importance of networking

These days competition can be stiff for desirable jobs – not only in nursing. Some advise I’d like to share is to use your network of friends, family and former colleagues to get a foot in the door at the company you desire to work for! There are several ways you can go about growing your network to get to the key people you want to connect with. LinkedIn is a valuable social media hub spot you should create a profile on if you haven’t already. Then start connecting with the people you know and check their connections too to build up your network with likeminded professionals. LinkedIn also has groups that you might find interesting to join that can put you in touch with a great number of professionals. Don’t shy away from sending invitations to the company recruiters too! Once your invitations have been accepted, send everyone a thank you note via LinkedIn. Now is the time to inquire about career opportunities and requirements to get ahead! Last but not least, search LinkedIn for the companies you are interested in and start following them to stay informed.

Another helpful social media platform on the Internet is, in my opinion. Think outside the box and search for local networking groups in your industry! Many groups meet frequently (and so do some LinkedIn groups) to network and mingle. It’s another great opportunity to connect with professionals who can open doors for you – or you for them. Pay it forward!

My third and last suggestion is to seek out a mentor to help you achieve your dreams and goals. A mentor is a “trusted counselor or guide”, according to Merriam-Webster. Seek out someone you wish to learn from. This person should have a broad background and experiences you can learn from to help with professional, project related or personal matters and goals. Pick someone you respect and who is willing to help you. This person should inspire you to become a better person in whatever matter you are seeking guidance. There is lots of information on mentorship on the web you can read about if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

All of our HCA North & West Florida recruiters have profiles on LinkedIn and can be easily contacted regarding career opportunities. Be sure to create a profile on with up to date contact information and employment history for our reference. Happy job hunting!

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