Accounting cover letter


Ms Kate,

B-17, Hampshire archway,



Mr Potter,

UHR finances,


Dear Mr Potter,

I, Ms Kate, am writing this letter to seek the job of junior accountant in your reputed firm under your guidance and experience. I have a degree in the field of finance and accounting from the St. Stephen Business School, London. Besides this, I have a considerable experience in the field of finance and accounting as a junior accountant. I have been working in the FRS shopping centre for the last 18 months as a junior account. However, now, I feel that a reputed firm like yours shall do better justice to my educational qualification and the endeavour I put it in the work that I am assigned to do.

Kindly, have a look into the enclosure of this letter which bears my resume and all the necessary information regarding the educational qualifications and the experience which I have in the field of finance and accounting. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Ms Kate.