Administrative clerical cover letter


Roger Moore

Manager of Recruitment

Aspen Group of Companies

56 Oscar Green Avenue

North London, UK 3490

Dated: 23rd of May 2013

Subject: Cover letter for the position of administrative clerk

Respected Mr. Moore,

This letter is in regards to your requirement of a candidate in the position of an administrative clerk. I am interested in working in the particular position and so would like to apply for the same.

I am currently working as administrative clerk with GL Group of Companies. My job responsibilities are typing the agendas for the meetings, preparing the meeting packages and distributing them to the board members, attending, recording and transcribing the minutes of all the meetings.  I am also responsible for compiling and maintaining records up to date. I am excellent in ensuring effective and efficient administrative operations. I can assure you that I have excellent knowledge in office administration and also possess the ability to maintain accuracy in preparing and maintaining information. As an employee I am very flexible and give first priority to integrity.

It would be an honor if I get the opportunity to work in your organization. I am enclosing my resume along with the letter for detailed information.


Jim Bean