Receptionist cover letter

A receptionist is the individual at a corporate office/ business entity who is responsible for managing multiple day to day operations. The operations involved may vary as per the organisation which will include handling phone calls, taking and giving out messages, sorting enquiries etc.

The receptionist application cover letter is the letter written by an applicant for this position. The letter accompanies the application in addition to the resume and relevant documents. A sample of the receptionist application cover letter is being given below for all those who want to a reference.

Sample Receptionist Application Cover Letter


Mr. James Mathews

Senior Manager, HR Department

Karolyn City Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

City of London, United Kingdom

25th January 2014

Subject: Application for the receptionist position.

Mr. Mathews

I am writing this letter in response to the receptionist position opening posted in the vacancies bulletin dated 24th January 2014. It will be an honour to be able to be associated with your reputable firm and be a part of its day to day functions.

To highlight my experience I would like to point out that I have been working at the receptionist position at the Marvin Enterprises, Birmingham for the past 3 years. I am looking to relocate to London for personal reasons and this job opportunity seems to be the perfect fit. I am well equipped with all the communication and interpersonal skills that are an essential prerequisite to the work of a receptionist. I have completed educational qualifications and am suitable for the position as per all the requirements as mentioned in the vacancy bulletin.

I believe in my suitability for the position and assure the organisation that I will do all that needs be to fulfil my obligations at the position. Hoping to hear from you,

With regards

Mrs. Julian Marks

Birmingham, United Kingdom.