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6 essential job interview tips

Follow these 6 essential tips to boost your chances of success at your next job interview.

Interview Tip No. 1:  Appearance

Your appearance speaks volumes even before you’ve said a word.

  • Be smart and well groomed. Always wear classic smart business dress.

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in.

  • Keep all jewellery and make up minimal and suitable for an office environment. Natural is best!!

Interview Tip No. 2:  Preparation

Do some research to find out about the company – Employers are impressed by those who show some initiative. A starting point may be the company website.

  • What is the company product or service?

  • How many staff do they employ?

  • Is the company part of a larger group?

  • Has the company recently been in the news?

  • Have they recently issued any press releases regarding new ventures, take-overs, new products etc?

Find out about the job you have applied for – learn all you can about the job in question and decide why you are right for the job. You will need to convince an employer that this is the case, especially if it is a change from your last position.

  • Read the job description carefully.

  • Make notes of your relevant experience.

  • Note down valid points that you feel are relevant to the job in question.

Always plan your route to the interview carefully prior to attending an interview. Including car, train, and bus journeys.

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Interview Tip No.3:  Punctuality

Even if you are kept waiting for your interview, you cannot afford to arrive late. Obviously we are all sometimes unavoidably delayed. If this happens get to a phone box or use your mobile to call Shard who will inform the client. If your interview is out of office hours always take a note of the client’s number with you so you can call them directly. There is no excuse for not informing someone you will be late for an interview!

Interview Tip No.4:  Structure of the Interview

Interviews generally follow a set pattern, but not always. The interviewer will usually:-

  • Tell you about the company and the job.

  • Ask questions to assess your abilities and suitability for the role. Your CV is usually used as a basis for questions.

  • Ask if you have any questions.

  • Inform you of the next stage of the process and when a final decision will be made.

There is a range of typical job interview questions and suggested responses here.

Interview Tip No. 5: At the Interview

The questions you ask are equally as important as those asked by the interviewer. Treat your interview as a two-way discussion. By asking the right questions you can ascertain exactly what the job will entail.

  • Be confident, positive and look directly at the interviewer(s) when you talk and listen.

  • Speak clearly, be enthusiastic and express a keen interest in the position.

  • Try to keep your hands still.

  • Keep to the point don’t ramble!!!

  • Always be honest

Interview Tip No.6: Possible Questions to Ask

  • Can you tell me more about your company?
  • Can you describe my area of responsibility?
  • Is this post a new or existing one?
  • Who will I be responsible to?
  • Can you show me where I will be working? (Probably better at second interview)
  • Are there any times when the company/department is busier?
  • What are the promotional prospects?
  • Is there a clearly defined career path for the holder of this post?
  • Do you run any training or development schemes?
  • Do you have any other branches or offices?
  • Are you part of a larger company?
  • Are you a Local, National or an International company?

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