Administrative cover letter sample


Mr Woods,

H-8, Gloucestershire,



Mr Cameroon,

Human Resource officer,

Delta Ltd.,


Dear Mr Cameroon,

I, Mr Woods, am writing this letter to seek for the job of administrative officer in your firm. As per the qualifications which I bear, I am a proud holder of a degree in Business administration from the International Business School in London. The curriculum vitae are enclosed along with this letter and hence all the necessary information regarding the details of my score is at your kind disposal. Besides this, I am efficient in speaking three different languages- English, Spanish and French and hence can efficiently shoulder the responsibility of an administrative officer in a multinational firm like yours.

The past experience in the field of business administration is also mentioned in the enclosure and the details regarding my experience in this field are also there in it. I am looking forward to providing my services to your esteemed firm. Hoping for a quick and a favourable response from your side,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Woods.