General manager cover letter

General Manager is a position which entails a wide scope of duties and responsibilities. This scope of obligations attached to the position varies from organisation to organisation and industry to industry. Irrespective, any individual who is an applicant to this position is required to write a cover letter to the prospective employer explaining his/ her vision of their suitability for the position. In doing so the cover letter i.e. the general manager application cover letter, is supposed to highlight the positive characteristics of the applicant. The letter must also follow a certain formal pattern while framing this letter.

Sample Logistics Job Application Cover Letter


Mr. Liam Garner

Chairman, Naira Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

West Midlands, Birmingham

United Kingdom.

27th January 2014

Subject: Cover letter to apply for the general manager position.

Respected Mr. Garner

My name is Jennie Brooke and I am currently working with the Grates Group (London) as the deputy general manager. I am writing to you, to apply for the position of the general manager which has been opened for vacancy.

Naira Group is an extremely respectable organisation with a strong work ethic and it will be a pleasure to be working in such an organisation. My years of experience as the deputy general manager and other managerial positions have equipped me with all of the skills and knowledge that one may ever need to do justice to the position of the general manager. I believe there are no short cuts too success and that hard work is the only way to go.  This philosophy of mine has carried me to such a position in my career. And I hope to advance further by putting all that I have in my work.

Please consider my application and keep me informed about the appointment to the position.


Mrs. Jennie Brooke (London).