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Why Part-Time Hospitality Jobs are Cool for Students

If you are a student and are worried that your already crammed schedule wouldn’t be able to accommodate the added pressure of a job, read on to find out why getting yourself a part-time job is a great addition to student life:

You Gain Experience

Student life is all about expanding your horizons and increasing your job opportunities in the future. Getting involved in part-time hospitality jobs is a great way to enhance your CV and make you more desirable to potential employers. Whist hospitality may not be the sector that you want to move into long-term, holding down a job while you are studying is a great way to demonstrate your commitment, flexibility and a strong work ethic. These are all qualities that employers will look for when they are recruiting.

You Meet Awesome New People 

One of the best things about part-time hospitality jobs is the opportunities that you have to meet and get to know different people from all walks of life. Learning to deal and engage with a variety of different people will greatly boost your confidence and increase your self-awareness.

Working with Urban People’s temporary hospitality team means that you will be exposed to working across a huge range of exciting venues and events. You will be engaging with clients, managers, staff and the public.

Earn Yourself Some Extra Cash

Everyone loves a bit of extra spending money! Whether you need party money, rent money or money towards paying off your student loan, every little bit helps! When earning your own hard-earned cash you will be less likely to spend it frivolously too! You may learn a thing or two about budgeting (or saving?)

Over the last few years there has been a rise in the number of students that have taken on jobs, with statistics revealing that eight out of ten students now get a job to ease financial pressures.

You Get to Have Fun and a Break From Studying

Student life comes with it’s own pressures: looming deadlines, tests and exams. Distraction in the form of a part-time hospitality job can be a fun and healthy way to alleviate stress.

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